Tokyo 2020 Olympic Postponed Because of the Coronavirus Pandemic Outbreak!

Tokyo 2020 Olympic Postponed Because of the Coronavirus Pandemic Outbreak!

Tokyo 2020 Olympic Postponed Because of the Coronavirus Pandemic Outbreak!. After weeks of uncertainty, they postponed the Tokyo Olympics until 2021.

The Japanese capital will host the Olympic Games after fifty-seven years. The last Olympic Games in 1964 transformed the country. As per the latest news given by organizers in 2021, the games of the 17th Olympiad of the modern era will be the most innovative ever organized. The games will rest on three basic rules to transform the world.

These are as follows like striving for the personal best (getting the best of your strength), accepting one another (Unity in diversity), and passing on a legacy for the prospect (connecting to tomorrow).

In fine-tuning the reforms advocated by the Olympic schedule 2020, the Tokyo Games will use as many existing sports venues as possible, including those spots built for the games in 1964. Some sports venues are the renowned Nippon Budokan for judo, Yoyogi national gymnasium for handball, and the Baji Koen Park for equestrian events.

A new arena will revamp and replace the Tokyo national stadium, where the opening and closing ceremony will be held. Japan is a prominent country for the Olympics since the Summer Games of 1964, which were the first to be organized in all of Asia.

Because of the -19 COVID outbreaks, the 2020 Olympic Games of 2020 were adjourned for the first time in the country’s history.

Olympic 2020 Hosting Country:

The International Olympic Committee has announced that Japan will be the host city for the next 2020 Summer Olympic Games. As we know, Japan is the most beautiful and advanced country in technology.

International Olympic Committee president Jacques Rogge announces the name of the country. They will hold the entire sports event in Tokyo, which is the principal city of this country.

Tokyo beat all the fellow countries like Istanbul, Turkey, and Madrid for the honour. NBC Sports has tweeted this message, and it has gone viral among the media. Tokyo was the last option for the International Olympic Committee.

It is hard to reject that any of the three cities on the panellist would have been excellent hosts for the 2020 Olympic Games. According to the CDN Olympic team, after various voting rounds, they declared Tokyo as the host of this Olympic Games in their last decision.

In a grand ceremony held in Buenos Aires, the Olympic committee provided the world with the news that they would give Tokyo another chance to host the Summer Olympic Games 2020.

Tokyo already hosted the Summer Olympic Games in 1964, and besides this event, the Japanese cities Sapporo and Nagano have hosted the Winter Olympics.

But the bitter news is that now they have suspended this Olympic Games because of the outbreak of the Coronavirus.

Tokyo 2020 Olympic Postponed Because of the Coronavirus
Tokyo 2020 Olympic Postponed Because of the Coronavirus

How many countries will take part?

Most people know that the Olympic Games are the largest sporting event in the world. Every country tries to take part in these games to show their talents because of the immense popularity of these sports activities.

They prepare themselves to take part in these games. In the 2020 Olympic Games, several countries are taking part in recognition of international Olympic Games committees. They allow these countries before they participate in the Summer Olympic Games.

As per the report, 206 nations are taking part in the mega sports events. This Olympic Games will feature 339 gold medals. We expect over 1000 athletes to take part.

Five countries – Great Britain, France, Switzerland, Australia, and Greece – have been represented at all Summer Olympic Games, though they are not always part of official teams. France did not send a team to the 1904 Olympic Games. Australia took part in 1908 and 1912 as part of a combined Australia team along with New Zealand.

Among these countries, only Greece has taken part under their flags in all Summer Olympic Games. Vatican City is one state never to have qualified for the Olympics.

These are the few crucial countries that will take part in the Summer Olympic Games, 2020. Germany, Norway, Georgia, India, Afghanistan, Panama, Pakistan, Portugal, China, Iran, Iraq, Bhutan, Japan, Senegal, Serbia, United States of America, Korea, Spain, and many other countries will take part in this critical mega sports event.

Why the Tokyo Olympic Games were cancelled in 2020:  

They have suspended the Olympic Games until summer 2021 because of a coronavirus outbreak. As per the official reports, the Japanese prime minister announced that it would reschedule the games.

The decision came after months of immense speculation and protest from officials and players. The Olympic Committee is analyzing the situation together with all the stakeholders. As everybody knows, the coronavirus outbreak is too infectious, and it may cause health issues.

By March 2020, the condition was under control, but now the term is going critical, and deaths are increasing worldwide.

Therefore, in their final decision, they cancelled the Olympic Games.

Coronavirus outbreak critical cases:  

Because of the Coronavirus, several countries announced a complete lockdown in their respective countries to stop deaths. The lockdown continued for months. These shutdowns affected most of the companies, loss of jobs, several deaths, and slowing down of the economy, including all mega sports activities.

The lockdown period affected the sponsorship of various organizers. Coronavirus pandemics affected the share market worldwide, which has collapsed the small organization business. The French economy contracted by a post record of 14% in the second quarter as consumption, investment, and marketing all collapsed under lockdown imposed to contain the coronavirus effect, although slower than expected.

The only point to note is that China has become the first major economy to grow since the inception of the coronavirus pandemic and recorded an unexpected growth in their marketplace.

These growth margins increased because of the lifting of the anti-virus lockdown in their country. Their periodical results have shown a dramatic rise in their profit.

Most of the country pointed their finger towards China regarding spreading the coronavirus pandemic.

India has taken a significant decision to stop all the business from this country. The government banned various mobile applications operating in our country, India. The United States of America also stopped activity from China and is planning to attack this country. After the government’s major decision, several multinational organizations withdrew their businesses from China, the primary culprit of the situation.

Overall, because of the coronavirus pandemic, it affected the entire world, and still, people are dying. To date, they have reported nine lack of deaths across the whole world. We should be cautious and try to work from home to escape from the Coronavirus.

Opinions of players and team members:  

After the Olympic flame in Japan, there was no excitement among the public. There were no fun games, and that accompanies the ceremony marking the official start of the global mega sports events. Most of the players and team members of various sports organizers protested the postponement of the Olympic Games because of the novel coronavirus concerns.

The event was closed to the public, and over 200 school children who had been invited could not attend this grand ceremony. After following up from the various team members, they said that precautions are essential to save someone’s life.

Even the Olympic Committee and Japanese prime minister also suggested postponing the grand occasion to stop the Coronavirus from the further outbreak by keeping social distancing. With various athletes coming from over 200 countries around the globe and expected audiences numbering in the millions, the Olympic Games have all the makings of an incubator for the novel coronavirus that will lead to its vigorous spread.

Even during that period, many Korean players reported that over five members of their team are corona positive.

The Games will be cancelled or postponed, even though Mr Trump, the president of America, said his team would not take part.

Tokyo 2020 Olympic Postponed Because of the Coronavirus
Tokyo 2020 Olympic Postponed Because of the Coronavirus

Audience opinion: 

Most of the audience expected a spectacular protest of the events and told that this mega sports activity might spread the coronavirus outbreak. Coronavirus pandemic has created fear among the audience. Because they had reported several deaths from China when the media disclosed the real hard fact.

Many internet user audiences supported the postponement of these mega-events, as the COVID -19 pandemic may increase worldwide. Some audience members also expressed their view as the cancellation of this event may create a negative effect on some players, including the career of renowned players.

Who will be the next hosting country after cancellation?

Yet they have not confirmed who will host the Olympic Games in 2021. If the coronavirus continues in the coming years, then it may be cancelled. Japanese officials also confirmed that they would not delay the games until 2022 if the pandemic extends the threat next year.

Let us see what happens next year; we cannot express it right now.

Organizer’s loss after the cancellation of the Games:

Various exhibiting and trade show industries have sought the Japanese government and demanded an economical package. They say the sector has a loss of four thousand crores because of cancelled events on account of the coronavirus outbreak.

On the occasion of the Olympic Games, all renowned organizers plan various activities to lure the public and audience. Now that they have cancelled all the events, it is an enormous loss to the organizer. According to the report received by us, we came to know that the size of the Indian exhibition industry is 24000 crores with over 500 events conducted annually in the organized sector. Many organizers depend on these events only to earn their bread and butter.

Therefore, to compensate for these losses, they are demanding support from the government.

The International Olympic Committee takes out around a million dollars of funding for protection of each Summer Games, which covers 1billion dollar investment it makes in each city. Various insurance companies estimated it would pay a premium of about 3-4%, giving an estimate of up to 25 million dollars to ensure the Tokyo event.

These policies will cover everything from war and any natural disasters.

Is Audience Tickets Refundable?

According to an official report, briefs on Olympic tickets might not be refundable in case of cancellation stirring fears it may leave them out of pocket to watch these Olympic events. Most of the audience are anxious and waiting for the refund, but the chances are minimal.

It sold over three million tickets during the first domestic lottery in May 2020. Hot demand for these tickets and later sales also left many audiences disappointed.

The regular news is also coming in the media that tickets might not be refundable if they cancel the Olympics, pointing towards organizers and contractual details connected to the tickets.

Reaction among the people:

The Olympic Games set for this summer season in Tokyo have now been rescheduled with new dates. The games will start on 23 July and run until 8 August. The recent announcement date will provide some assurance to the audience, players, team members, and organizers to plan their work for this occasion.

This official announcement has created a fantastic effect on people’s minds. They can reuse their tickets for next year’s event.

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